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Goat's Milk Soaps

Here is a list of scents for the soaps:

 Love Spel                      Cinnamon

French Vanilla         Peppermint                                               Also

Lilac                                  Eucalyptus                                                                   Lavender 

Raspberry                          Unscented                                                                           &

Lemongrass                        Fresh Cut Roses                                                        Unscented 

Lavender                            Cucumber Melon

Pearberry                            Powder

Midsummer Night               Coffee Caramel Cream

Relaxation                        Green Apple

Black Raspberry and Vanilla      Tea Tree Oil

Warm Vanilla Sugar           Patchouli

The prices are $4.00 for the large bar (approx. 4oz), And $2.50 for the small bar (approx. 2 oz).

New Product coming this Spring:  Liquid Goat's Milk Soap

Key Benefits

  • the method used is from years ago....reminding us of a simpler time...


  • the combination of the process, the oils and of course the goat's milk make this soap extra-moisturizing...


  • for those concerned about the goats from which we get our comes from our small herd of extremely spoiled alpine dairy goats....they beg for attention every time we go out our back door....

Here is a list of scents for the lotion. But we do play around and offer new scents, if you want a certain scent just ask:

Lavender Warm Vanilla Sugar

Cucumber Melon Unscented


Fresh Cut Roses Black Raspberry and Vanilla

Love Spell

All lotions are $5.00 for a 6 oz bottle.

Key Benefits

  • The fats in the milk used for the lotion makes it a great moisturizer
  • there is no greasy, filmy residue left on your hands...soaks in quickly
  • makes a great compliment to the soaps of the same scent....
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