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Our pork is pasture raised as allowed by weather and their size.  When they are too small to be out in the pasture they spend their days roaming the barn, mostly eating. 
              Description                      Price
Pork Chops                              $7.15/lb
Boneless Pork Chops                 $7.35/lb
Pork Shoulder Steaks                 $5.29/lb
Tenderloin Roast                       $7.35/lb     

Bacon                                      $6.95/lb      

Pork Ribs                                 $3.35/lb     

Ground Pork                                        $5.00/lb      

Sausage Patties(salt,pepper,sage) $5.50/lb
Breakfast Sausage Links             $5.50/lb
Italian Sausage Bulk                   $6.00/lb
Italian Sausage Link                   $6.60/lb
Pork Brats                                 $6.60/lb
Bulk Chorizo                              $6.00/lb
Link Chorizo                              $6.60/lb
Kielbasa                                    $6.60/lb
Andouille                                   $6.60/lb
Pepperoni                                  $6.60/lb
End Cuts of Bacon                       $3.49/lb
Pork Shoulder Roast                       $5.75/lb
Pork Hocks                                $2.20/lb  

Avilability of cuts may very
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