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We raise our chickens in the barn and on the pasture with all of the other animals.  They are allowed to roam the farm, which if you come to the farm you will have to use caution because that means they can be found on the driveway. 
 Boneless/Skinless Breast $7.49/lb 
 Thighs  $3.99/lb
 Drums  $3.49/lb
 Wings  $2.63/lb
 Whole Cut-up  $4.75/lb
 Whole  $4.50/lb
 Livers/Gizzards  $1.99/lb
 Chicken Italian Sausage      $7.49/lb 
 Ground Chicken                  $4.95/lb
Chicken Brats   $7.49/lb
  Availability of cuts varies.
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